Do you have an unachieved dream goal?

We hook you up with 6 online accountability partners to help you achieve your goals, one step at a time.

Your goal. Your schedule.

You're not alone

We all have unfulfilled goals. And we all have the guilt, the remorse and the excuses.

#tooBusy? #tooOverwhelmed? #tooScared?

You promise yourself that one day you will write that book, or sort out that garage, or learn that skill.
But you never do.

You are stuck in your bubble of possibility

Now it’s time to get real

No more excuses

Would you pay $100 to achieve that dream goal?

How TickThatBox works:

✔️ We hook you up with 5-6 Accountability Partners from across the world.
✔️ You meet via Zoom weekly, for 7 weeks
✔️ All meet-ups are guided, and have a team leader.
✔️ You make new friends.
✔️ You help each other stay focused and motivated.

Accountability Partners that you meet with regularly help you achieve your goal 95% of the time.

Simple as that. 

You either want to achieve that goal, or you don’t.

No more excuses.

Is your goal worth $100 to you?

If we gave you $100, would you agree to never aim to reach your goal again? We thought not. Great goals are worth more than that! 

⚡ ⚡

Good news! Our first sprint is free! Simply sign up and we’ll finalise start dates as soon as we have enough traction.

⚡ ⚡

Get ready for the 7 most productive-fun weeks of your life!

Week 0
✔️ Watch the Week 1 video
✔️ Meet your  Accountability Partners on Zoom
✔️ Set a goal. 
✔️ Turn your goal into a S.M.A.R.T goal

Week 1-7

✔️Watch each Week’s video
✔️Meet with your APs once a week – there’ll be a session leader to guide you!
✔️Report back on milestones achieved
✔️Talk through any obstacles 
✔️Help and support your Accountability Partners
✔️Get more support from office hours and the TickThatBox community

✔️Celebrate your achievement!


About your Accountability Partners (APs):

Yes! That’s the whole point of the exercise. Studies show that if you have an Accountability Partners with whom you schedule sessions, you are 95% likely to achieve your goal.

Every meet-up session has a team leader who will guide the process, but don’t worry…it’s amazing how good we are at dishing OUT advice and help. (If only we could do the same for ourselves!)
Give everyone a chance! The idea is to partner with people who are not your best friends, because that makes them more willing and able to offer constructive criticism.

But if you really don’t think you can work with your team, then we can re-assign you to a new team during week 0
Not by design, but possibly.

The idea is to have diversity in the team, both with demographics and goals. That way you will benefit from each others’ unique experiences (both inside and outside the Sprint) and will gain a fresh perspective on your goal.
We match you by your time zone and your preferred time slots.

We also aim for diversity within the teams, with respect to demographics, experience and goals.
We will send you their details during Week 0. You’ll meet up to say “hi!” and to declare your goals and first milestones.

Yes. Just tell us in the sign up sheet, or email us.

You will receive detailed Community Guidelines before your first session – they are mostly made up of common sense and decency.
There will also be a short video (or, if you prefer, a transcript) explaining the rules, and how to set expectations.

About your Sprint:

There is the 1 hour meet up, and a 5 min video (or transcript) in preparation for the meet-up.

There might be exercises to do, but they shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes per day. You can also engage with our community and your APs outside of your meet-up, at your own leisure.

Of course, you also need to dedicate time to actually fulfilling your milestones / goal. How much time is up to you to decide, and the SMART Goal Guide will help you figure it out.
One of your Accountability Partners will be the team leader. It might be you! The allocation changes every week, and is done by the TickThatBox team.

A team leader needs about 15 minutes extra preparation for the meet up.

You can opt out of being a team leader.
We use Zoom by default. You can also decide on any other means of communication between you and your APs (email, slack, WhatsApp, or nothing at all!).

This is covered in the Welcome Guide and the Week 0 video.

You need to have a Zoom enabled device, with a camera and a microphone, as well as a stable internet connection and access to a quiet space.

Up to you. You can continue meeting with your APs either in a TickThatBox setting or outside, you can start a new sprint with a new team, or you can carry on on your own.

We strongly discourage it, as it impacts everyone on the team. However, stuff happens and if you miss a session you can catch up with your APs via email, or our community. If you miss more than one session it might impact eligibility to participate in future sprints.

Aside from your Accountability Partners, you also have access to the entire TickThatBox community. 

Plus, our internal team has office hours and is always available via email.

We are also working on bringing in some outside goal-setting experts to give more advice, feedback and support.

About your Goal:

Definitely not. A month or so before your first meet-up you will receive the SMART Goal guide, which will help you make a realistic goal and break it down into milestones. You can go through the goal setting exercise for multiple goals, until you decide on one that feels right for this time frame and format.

Yes, although you might have to narrow your goal down to a less ambitious time frame. For example, it is unlikely that you will “write a book” in 7 weeks. But you can maybe outline the book, write all the character sketches and write the first 10,000 words. You can then continue with the book writing goal on your own, or in another sprint.

A SMART goal is one that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based. A month or so before your first meet-up you will receive the SMART Goal guide, which will help you make a realistic goal and break it down into milestones.
You should have a good idea of your goal for your first meet up. Then, your APs will check that it is SMART, and will look for your blind spots etc.

You can re-evaluate your milestones at any point. That’s perfectly fine, and in fact is a great move! If you realise that you cannot write a book in 7 weeks, and can maybe manage an outline only then not only will you have an outline, but you will also have more realistic future expectations to complete your goal. We like that!!